Legiopreneurs Christmas

The Amicale Internationale des Anciens Légionnaires Entrepreneurs – Legiopreneur celebrated its first Christmas at the Institution des Invalides de la Légion Etrangère in Puyloubier, France, on Sunday December 19, 2021.

Ceremony at Carré Légion

The day began with a ceremony at the Carré Légion, with the raising of the colors and the laying of a wreath by the Amicale’s godmother, Mélanie-Antoinette de MASSY, accompanied by Colonel MADONNA, Director of the Institution des Invalides de la Légion Etrangère, by Commandant DEPREZ, Deputy Director of the Foyer d’Entraide de la Légion Etrangère, by Jean-Pierre Bontoux, Founding President of the Amicale Legiopreneur and by Sascha Kunkel, Active President of the Amicale Legiopreneur.

Sharing Moments

Following the commemoration, all guests stopped off at the Boutique to do some Christmas shopping, before joining the Mess for lunch.

Before opening the meal with “Poussière”, Sascha Kunkel presented the main objectives of the Amicale, such as supporting entrepreneurship in the broadest sense of the term, not limited to the commercial side, helping former Legionnaires and their families around the world, and developing fraternal links between existing Amicales of former Legionnaires.

Sascha Kunkel was invited by the President of the Amicale de Bordeaux to the Maison du Légionnaire in Auriol the day before, to present Christmas gifts to the veterans.

Actions of the Amicale

Other Amicale actions were presented, such as Wenceslas Betolaud’s swim across the English Channel in July 2021, to benefit the Foyer d’Entraide de la Legion Étrangère.

Also in the spotlight is a new project supported by the Amicale, the Grande Odyssée of Jonas Berteau, who in a few weeks’ time will set off on foot from Brest to Vladivostok, alone with his dog. He will cover 13,000 kilometers in memory of the French airmen of the “Normandie-Niemen”.

Laughter and Reunion

As part of the traditional “Sketch de Noël”, this lunch was marked by the presence of comedian “Hassan de Monaco”, who adapted and created a special edition on the theme of the Légion Etrangère, before taking to the stage at the legendary Point-Virgule in Paris every Monday from January to March 2022.

It was a day to remember, full of family spirit, laughter and reunion. The gathering was held in compliance with health and safety regulations.