Check remittance – Manche 2021 Legion

Following Wenceslas Betolaud’s sporting feat of swimming solo across the English Channel on July 18, some members of Legiopreneur – l’Amicale International des Anciens Légionnaires Entrepreneurs – got together to raise €10,400.

On Friday September 17, the Amicale and the donors* were represented by Sascha KUNKEL and Florent FERRÉTÉ, President and General Secretary of Legiopreneur, to present the cheque for €10,400 to Wenceslas Betolaud for the benefit of the Foyer d’Entraide de la Légion Étrangère.

This sum is added to the kitty initially set up by Wenceslas Betolaud, bringing the total to 51,111€.

The cheque was presented to General LARDET, in the presence of Major Gerald and Antoine S., Wenceslas’ friend and companion during the crossing.

*Liste des donateurs (ordre alphabetique) : ALGIZ Security / ARGOS Security / BLCF83 / Pedro Cabanas / Consultancy Security OPERATIONS / EURO PACTE / EURO PREVENTION+ / Jurgen Gloudemans / Grand Sud Sécurité / Groupe LPN / Healphy / Olivia Lefebvre du Prey / Maximus Finance / Adri Paans / PRAETORIAN TRAJAN SAS / Ravenhill Risk Control / SAS Ivoxe / Sibirskiye Volki Protection / Terräng – MP-SEC France / Stéphanie et Laurent Viellard