On the first weekend of December, we had the pleasure of celebrating Legiopreneurs’ Christmas at the Institution des Invalides de la Légion Etrangère in Puyloubier.

Check Remittance

Our colleagues and friends, A moi la Légion, presented a cheque for €6,300 to the Institution des Invalides de la Légion Etrangère, raised thanks to Marina’s initiative in acting as “binomial” fundraiser.

Chairman Sascha Kunkel presented the various events that took place in 2022 and those to come in 2023.

General COMLE expressed his full support for the dynamism and expansion of Legiopreneurs.

Ceremony at the Carré Légion

This was followed by the ceremony at the Carré Légion, officiated by Colonel Madonna, Director of the Institution des Invalides de la Légion Etrangère, accompanied by Mademoiselle Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy, Patron of the Amicale Legiopreneur and its President, Sascha Kunkel.

After “dusting off” and singing “le boudin”, the guests returned to the table for lunch.

During the meal, we were able to contemplate the works of art of Louis Perez Y Cid from the LEGION’ARTS Association. The aim of this association is to promote artists and friends of the legionnaire community.

Noël Légionpreneur in Puyloubier 03/12/2022
Noël Légionpreneur in Puyloubier 03/12/2022
Noël Légionpreneur in Puyloubier 03/12/2022

Hassan de Monaco and Cheyenne Carron’s Film

This year, comedian Hassan de Monaco was unable to attend as he did last year, but he was kind enough to send us a short video to pass on his greetings and, of course, throw in a few punchlines. You can find him at Point-Virgule in Paris.

The trailer for Cheyenne Carron’s film “Je m’abandonne à toi” (I abandon myself to you), which tells the story of a Padre in the French Foreign Legion, was another emotional moment. This man, among others, helps his comrades to get through their sometimes tormented missions and daily lives. He is always there for those who, in need of a listening ear and comfort, wish to rediscover a profound part of our humanity. A fine tribute to military chaplains.

Donation to the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

Chaplain Pierre-Nicolas Chapeau of the Foreign Legion’s 2nd REI then explained that all pre-sales of the DVD would be donated to the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, as a contribution to their magnificent project to create a new chapel.

Good news: the DVD pre-sales target has passed 100% !

This wonderful day ended with a stop at the boutique to prepare Christmas gifts with a touch of green and red!

Many thanks again to the Institution des Invalides and its team for their warm welcome and attentive service !