Legiopreneur: A White kepis Ceremony in Monaco’s Place du Palais

Monaco , April 4, 2024

The Amicale Legiopreneur, led by its President, Sascha KUNKEL, was honored to take part on Thursday, April 4, 2024 in the White kepis Ceremony of the 2nd Company of Volunteer Legionnaires of the 4th Foreign Regiment in Castelnaudary, symbolizing the official integration of new legionnaires. The Amicales des Anciens de la Légion Étrangère of Cannes, Nice, Aubagne and Castelnaudary were also on hand to represent the veterans of the Légion Étrangère. The ceremony was marked by a succession of memorable events.

A Prestigious Arrival

The opening of the white kepis ceremony got off to a flying start with the arrival of General Cyrille Youchtchenko at 10 a.m., followed by the arrival of the Pionniers, the Légion Étrangère Band and volunteer soldiers in the prestigious Place du Palais Princier in Monaco. As they arrived, songs were sung, accompanied by an aubade, to pay solemn tribute.

Arrival of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco at the White kepis Ceremony

The ceremony began solemnly at 11:30 a.m. with the arrival of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, accompanied by General Cyrille Youchtchenko, Commander of the Légion Étrangère, marking the start of a respectful event. Speaking to the press, General Youchtchenko underscored the exceptionality of the situation, declaring: “This is the first time that a presentation of white kepis has taken place at the Palace of Monaco. It is a great honor to have attended such a ceremony”. This statement testifies to the historic importance of the event and the honor this ceremony represents for the Légion Étrangère.

The parade was also broadcast on the TF1 news channel, offering a unique perspective on the ceremony. At the end of the parade, Prince Albert II expressed his deep gratitude to the delegations present, underlining the importance of their support and solidarity.

A Departure for the Monte-Carlo Bay

The legionnaires then headed for the prestigious Monte-Carlo Bay hotel. Prince Albert II also honored the festivities with his presence. In a respectful speech, the Prince paid tribute to the Legionnaires, highlighting their exceptional dedication and courage. He underlined the importance of the historic ties uniting the Foreign Legion and the Principality. In his speech, the Prince expressed his gratitude for their unfailing service and commitment. As a token of the Legionnaires’ deep esteem and admiration for him, the Prince was honored with a presentation of gifts. H.S.H. Prince Albert in turn thanked the various authorities of the Légion Étrangère.

A warm moment

After the presentation of gifts, all guests “kicked up dust” to mark the start of the cocktail reception. This ritual, charged with symbolism, preceded a warm and convivial moment where officials, the Prince’s riflemen, old and new legionnaires were able to exchange ideas and strengthen their bonds of unity. The lunch break was an opportunity for everyone to share moments of camaraderie and celebrate this memorable day together.

Naturally, the legionnaires (young and old) joined forces to sing songs of solemnity throughout the cocktail party.

Thanks to our godmother Melanie-Antoinette de Massy

We are honored to be able to express our sincere gratitude to our godmother, Melanie-Antoinette de Massy, whose unfailing support dates back to the creation of Legiopreneur. Since 2021, her presence and commitment have been invaluable. Many thanks to her for her invaluable contribution.